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Digital Photography: Developing your photographic skills and knowledge (Advanced)

This course is designed for those who know the basics of operating a camera.

What The Course is About:

On this course, we will be looking deeper into composition, exploring various technical aspects and the importance of the usage of light. The lecturer will give extensive photography tuition whilst sharing his expertise, knowledge, and experience, enabling you to become a better photographer. The lessons will be divided into interactive online lectures, group and one-to-one instruction, discussions, demonstrations and feedback, along with reviews of your pictures. There is a supportive practical element to the course with photo shoots in various locations in the city. These shoots will allow for much needed time for some socialising, along with developing your photographic skills and knowledge. We will look at certain genres of photography by exploring well-known photographers work, contemporary and historical. This will help deepen your understanding of photography Expert knowledge and tips will be given from a professional photographer along with some image postproduction using Adobe Photoshop.

Materials Required:

You‘ll need to have a digital camera, which could be a DSLR, bridge or mirror less camera. The quality of camera isn’t important. As this course is partly online you will need a computer or tablet with an Internet connection and microphone. All online sessions will be delivered using Zoom.

Previous Experience:

Level 2

End of course:

You will gain a deeper understanding of the creative process of photography along with developing your technical photographic knowledge. This will include for example: camera operation, composition and using light effectively.

By the end of the course you will have a body of photographic work completed in print format, which could be used as a portfolio. From this work you will start to understand how to develop a photographic style and personal vision.

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