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Landscape Photography

Out on location you will be guided on camera settings and how to improve composition with an eye to editing later on Photoshop e.g. converting to black and white.

What The Course is About:

Why landscape photography? Maybe you enjoy being in nature and want to share the experience. You want to tell a story but what is the story in the landscape? You want to bring your personality to the photograph – your unique vision and style. We explore the camera settings , lenses and filters that can enhance your landscape photography. We use the Thames and local heaths and see how photographers have grappled with the subject over the years. Light, shadow, black and white, textures, movement, close ups will be introduced as exercises to give an overview of what can be achieved.

Materials Required:

You will need to bring your digital camera (please also bring the camera’s instruction booklet if available)

Previous Experience:

All Levels

End of course:

What will you achieve? Most of all a developing passion to be out and about photographing in all weather, seasonal and light conditions. You will have developed both your technical knowledge of photography with camera settings and understand the importance of looking, pausing, thinking about the composition you want in your landscape photography.

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