NEW Watercolour Illustration: Flowers and Insects

New Watercolour Illustration: Flowers & Insects

This course is aimed at those with an interest in exploring the world of flowers and insects in all its details and in capturing their beauty. We will not kill any insects.


What The Course is About:

What The Course is About: Exploring and capturing the beauty of the insect world on paper, using different media. Observing these creatures with the help of magnifying glasses. Producing close-up, larger than life pen drawings, water colour paintings. How to capture, enlarge and reproduce these structures on paper using different media. About the properties of different media and materials, including simple line drawings, three-dimensional black and white illustrations in pencil and ink and finally coloured pencil drawings as well as watercolour paintings. They will get a basic knowledge of flowers and about insects and learn what to look out for.

Materials Required:

Materials Required: For the first session, please bring in the following: Single small flower or insect. Magnifying glass ( ideally 5 x magnification) ruler, sketching paper (Hot Press if possible), sharpener, eraser, pencils (H, HB, 2B, 3B), watercolour, fine brushes, palette, A4/3 Sketchbook.

Previous Experience:

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End of course:


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