Oct Half Term – Introduction to B&W Darkroom Photography

This course is ideal for beginners who have never experienced creating images in a traditional black and white darkroom before. Students will be introduced to printing photographs and contact sheets from negatives, experimenting with light to create photograms, and how to print drawings and sketches using the Cliché Verre technique.

What The Course is About:

On this taster course, you will be taught the basic skills of using a photographic darkroom and the safe use of chemicals to create a number of images. You will have a demonstration on the proper use of darkroom equipment and how enlargers and other various light sources combined with printing techniques can create artistic effects on photo paper. Based on examples from cutting-edge photographers specialising in light experiments you will understand how to create a black and white photograph from a negative as well as experimental artwork.

Materials Required:

What to bring to the first session:

Bring a range of textures and personal objects that are opaque to create silhouettes and transparent to create detail to use in the darkroom. If you have any old 35mm negatives bring them with you. Photographic paper is available to buy from the college. This may be time to hunt out your old film camera to use.

Previous Experience:


End of course:

What will i achieve? You will learn the basic principles of creating a silver gelatine print using an enlarger. You will be able to control the exposure and contrast of your image, and you will learn the proper and safe use of darkroom chemicals to process your print. By the end of the course you will have the skills to create and build a portfolio of photographic images.

Info to follow