Photography & Digital Design

Our digital tutors have years of industry experience which gives our students a unique learning experience using Adobe software including Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign. Learn how to use the tools, palettes and menus in the various software programs to create original artworks.

NEW B&W Darkroom Photography (All levels)

This course is ideal for complete beginners who have never developed or experienced a darkroom before as well as those students wanting to develop film and print images from traditional sources as well as playing and experimenting with light to create photograms cyanotypes, drawings and sketches made in to photographs and photograms. The evening course welcomes students 14+ years.

NEW Creative Photography: Contemporary Practice (All levels)

Our Creative Photography Course is ideal for anybody with an interest and a passion for photography. Whether you are experienced or a beginner, the course is designed to cover different practices in fine art photography and to expand your knowledge, technical skills and development as a visual artist behind the lens.

NEW Experimental B&W Darkroom Photography (All levels)

On this four week taster course, you will be able to experiment & explore the possibilities of B&W Darkroom Photography whilst developing your creative image making. If you have a passion for photography and photographic techniques, this course will allow you to expand your skills using traditional printing techniques.

NEW Photojournalism and Documentary Photography

If you are passionate about photography and taking pictures but would like to explore the possibilities of visual communication, this course will give you an insight into the world of documentary photography and photojournalism.


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