We have a huge variety of printmaking courses to offer including Lithography, Etching and Screenprinting.

Lino Printing

A ten-week print workshop where you will learn essential skills in lino cutting and printing. With an experienced printmaker guiding you through carving and printing your own block print using a relief press or hand-printing techniques.

Printmaking Etching (All levels)

Etching is an artistic discipline by which images can be created on metal using a variety of different processes, including the use of acid, then printed onto specialized printmaking papers. Multiple prints can be made from a plate to form a limited edition of work, each one of which is an ‘original.

Screenprinting (All levels)

Screenprinting is a method of making an image using stencils. These are attached to a mesh that is stretched over a frame. Using a squeegee, ink is pulled through the stencil to create an image. Screenprinting as a process is intrinsic to graphics, advertising and packaging.

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