We have a huge variety of printmaking courses to offer including Lithography, Etching and Screenprinting.

Experimental Printmaking

An opportunity to explore varied printmaking techniques, each with different and exciting possibilities for mark making that you can add to your creative toolkit. This course will introduce and encourage experimentation with a range of techniques including monoprint, drypoint, collagraph and more. Suitable for those new to printmaking, or those wanting a refresher.

NEW Fine Art Textiles

In the last decade the expressive skills of crafts and making have become valued as fine art practice. This course will allow students to work creatively with a broad range of materials and processes usually associated with textiles. It will provide an opportunity to explore and combine a variety of accessible techniques.

Printmaking Etching (All levels)

Etching is an artistic discipline by which images can be created on metal using a variety of different processes, including the use of acid, then printed onto specialized printmaking papers. Multiple prints can be made from a plate to form a limited edition of work, each one of which is an ‘original.

Screenprinting (All levels)

Screenprinting is a method of making an image using stencils. These are attached to a mesh that is stretched over a frame. Using a squeegee, ink is pulled through the stencil to create an image. Screenprinting as a process is intrinsic to graphics, advertising and packaging.


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