NEW Photography (Digital & Darkroom)

This course will introduce the creative experimental possibilities of photography in the traditional darkroom and image editing using Photoshop, this will allow skills to be developed for individual tastes and interests.

What The Course is About:

You will be taught the fundamentals of the traditional darkroom processes and techniques for experimental imagery using methods such as photograms.  You will learn about the digital darkroom of Photoshop and how to process your images.

Materials Required:

You should have a digital camera or a smartphone capable of taking pictures as well as craft materials and images for darkroom work

Previous Experience:

Suitable for the beginner who wants to learn how traditional darkroom processes and digital photography and image manipulation work.

End of course:

You will learn about the traditional darkroom and digital photography process and how image manipulation works. You will learn a range of skills that will enhance your own creative work that you can then apply to your own creative ambitions.

Info to follow

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