Summer School Courses 2024

Our Summer School programme is now LIVE!

Our Summer School will run from July 16 to August 9 this year, offering courses that explore both traditional and digital styles, with courses available for the whole family too.

Explore what we have on offer below, with our full schedule.

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How to book

Please place your course in your shopping basket (one course at a time) where you will be prompted to register, using your email address as your User Name.

If you experience any technical problems with the online enrolment system, please phone us on 020 3959 0110 and we will take your booking over the phone.

Drawing and Painting Courses - Putney School of Art and Design

Drawing & Painting

We have a huge variety of drawing and painting courses to offer including Book Illustration, Life & Figure Drawing, Oil Painting, Watercolours and Gouache as well as Experimental Art & Media.

Art Courses for Kids, Young People at Putney School of Art and Design

Courses for young people

We have a number of courses for young people including Kids Art Club (8-13 yr olds) and Life Drawing for A Level and Portfolio Prep (14-17 yr olds). Photography, printmaking, pottery and more. We also have sessions where parents and carers can join in too!

Pottery Courses

Sculpture, Pottery, Ceramics

We have pottery courses as well and pay as you go classes. If you’d like to learn more about ceramics you can explore the possibilities and limitations of clay: terracotta/white/crank/mixed body.

Online Art Courses at Putney School of Art and Design

Online courses

Learn how to draw, paint or photograph from the comfort of your own home. We have a big variety of online courses available.


We have a huge variety of printmaking courses to offer including Lithography, Etching and Screenprinting.


Our digital tutors have years of industry experience which gives our students a unique learning experience using Adobe software including Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign. We also have Darkroom courses.

With a variety of classes available, including painting, drawing, pottery, photography, and printmaking, there’s something to captivate everyone. At the Putney School of Art and Design, we believe that creativity knows no age limits. Our courses are designed to be inclusive, offering engaging and enjoyable experiences for all. Our experienced and highly professional tutors will guide you through each step, ensuring that everybody feels supported and inspired throughout the creative process.

  • Beginning September 2023

  • A vast selection of courses catering to different artistic tastes, from drawing to sculpture

  • Suitable for all skill levels

  • Convenient and varied class schedules – choose between morning, daytime, or evening sessions

  • Short-term and full-length courses available throughout the autumn term

  • Taught by highly skilled professionals in a respected art school