Photoclub (Beginners to Intermediate)

A club for beginners and intermediate photographers to develop creative vision and build up your portfolio, which will involve directed photo shoots.

What The Course is About:

It will provide a forum for photography discussions - developing your business and entering competitions, and will work towards a group exhibition in the new year.

Materials Required:

Materials Required:

This course can be joined with any type of digital camera, but you must have your manual (can be downloaded from internet if you no longer have yours). Digital portfolio of own images would be beneficial to your own progress.

Previous Experience:

Beginners to Intermediate

End of course:

End of course:

Some areas of professional photography practice will be explored including ways to get work published, copyright and how to effectively complete a brief to a photo shoot. You will expand your technical knowledge of photography whilst developing your own creative approach to taking images.

Info to follow

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