Garden Design – Design Your Own Garden 3D Campus

This is an intensive 6 -week course aimed at people who are interested in garden design but have varied to no experience of gardening or design.

What The Course is About:

This is an intensive 6 -week course aimed at people who are interested in garden design but have varied to no experience of gardening or design. You will be shown a step-by-step process, starting with surveying your garden, interpreting the survey and designing the garden. This will include selecting materials, furniture and adding special features. During the course we will look at a range of garden design styles and ways of approaching the use of space. We will explore ways of representing the design on paper in a legible and coherent way. Each student will work on their own design project and through weekly homework develop their individual designs. This course will not cover planting design in depth but you will cover the basic principle of developing plant plans. A planting design course will be presented later in the year as a follow on from this initial garden masterplan design course.

Who is this course for? • Ideal for new builds where house and garden are represented to scale on a development plan. • Ideal also for those that want to rework an existing garden design OR • Redesign an existing piece of a garden i.e. adapting the garden to respond to new or planed home extensions, • Taster course if you are looking for a career change towards garden design.

We will look at (through a step-by-step process and homework given) • Measuring and drawing up a base Plan (Week one) • Drawing up a Concept Garden design (Week 2) • Design refinement for specific areas (Week 3) • Receive guidance on selecting Materials, furniture and adding special features (week 4). • Touch on Planting Design (week 5) • Construction contracts and managing contractors (week 6)


The course will consist of presentations and individual and group-based exercises executed during class and practised as part of homework given – which will form the foundation for the next lesson.  NB To gain the most benefit and progress on the course - be prepared to participate in the practical activities AND complete the homework given.


Venue: 3D Campus - Bentley House, 4a Disraeli Road, SW15 2DS (Directly opposite Putney Library near Putney Highstreet)

Materials Required:

A3, A2 or A1 size paper depending on the size of your garden. Tracing paper pad to use as overlays to test/explore design ideas. Same size as your drawing (A3, A2 or A1) 10 m or 15 m Tape Measure. (Longer than 15 m tapes will be helpful in measuring and surveying larger gardens) Pencils and permanent markers/Felt tip pen, Notebook for class notes and also for making notes in your garden when surveying it and or measuring it up. Photos of your garden – preferable printed out for class Basic measurements (length and width of garden) would be useful for the first class. A scale ruler, A set square and technical drawing equipment where necessary.

Previous Experience:

  • All Levels welcome – however, you must have your own garden (or the garden of a friend) & have free access for measuring and or surveying the garden throughout the course to really benefit from the design process.

End of course:

WHAT CAN I DO AFTER COMPLETING THE COURSE? Providing that students engage every week and do their homework, students should have; • a garden design completed to a fairly high level of detail – dependant on doing the required coursework. • a more holistic understanding of the design process and • a working knowledge of how to develop a garden layout design (master plant) for your home garden. • Students can use the course to develop their own garden designs for implementation OR • Use it as a taster course if you are considering taking up a career in garden design in the future – however, this will require a more comprehensive accredited course should they decide to proceed with this as a career.

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Starting November 2024

Class Code: 1124-12507

Price: £168.00

Location: On-Site

Tutor: Jaco Nel

From November 5th, 2024 to December 10th, 2024

Tue 10:00 - 13:00

  • 5 Nov 2024 - 10:00 to 13:00
  • 12 Nov 2024 - 10:00 to 13:00
  • 19 Nov 2024 - 10:00 to 13:00
  • 26 Nov 2024 - 10:00 to 13:00
  • 3 Dec 2024 - 10:00 to 13:00
  • 10 Dec 2024 - 10:00 to 13:00